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Tips for Recovering Parts




When recovering auto parts from Pick-A-Part vehicles:

  • Check the Prices Board BEFORE REMOVING THE PART
  • Bring your own hand or battery operated tools and trailer. No main-powered tools allowed.
  • There are no hydraulic wrenches available onsite, and we do not allow torches.
  • Carts are available for use, free of charge.
  • A long tubular metal handle placed over the short handle of your tools can provide added power when removing tough parts. A lubricating spray may also assist. As will a flashlight.
  • If you are recovering a heavy part, bring two people.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes, jeans/overalls, leather riggers gloves, and wrap-around safety goggles.
  • Wear clothing you know will resist corrosives (work overalls).
  • Identify the car make and model, and double check that the replacement part you have targeted bears the same part-number. Some models are built as a range, and have interchangeable parts.
  • If in doubt, ask one of the Pick A Part Sales representatives to check for interchangeable parts. You may also¬†want to check out car manufacturers and car clubs, who often publish lists of interchangeable parts or auto¬†repair manuals held by your local library.



30 day exchanges only for in store credit. Refunds are not provided. All whole vehicles are sold on an "as-is" basis, without warranties.



It is a condition of entry to all Pick-A-Part and AA Recycling premises that customers:

  • Wear closed shoes or boots
  • Leave Kids, Cats, Dogs, etc. at home
  • Comply with our No Alcohol policy