When recovering auto parts from Pick-A-Part vehicles:

bpCheck the Prices Board BEFORE REMOVING THE PART
bpBring your own hand or battery operated tools and trailer. No main-powered tools allowed.
bpThere are no hydraulic wrenches available onsite, and we do not allow torches.
bpCarts are available for use, free of charge.
bpA long tubular metal handle placed over the short handle of your tools can provide added power when removing
spacertough parts. A lubricating spray may also assist. As will a flashlight.
bpIf you are recovering a heavy part, bring two people.
bpWear closed-toe shoes, jeans/overalls, leather riggers gloves, and wrap-around safety goggles.
bpWear clothing you know will resist corrosives (work overalls).
bpIdentify the car make and model, and double check that the replacement part you have targeted bears the same
spacerpart-number. Some models are built as a range, and have interchangeable parts.
bpIf in doubt, ask one of the Pick A Part Sales representatives to check for interchangeable parts. You may also spacerwant to check out car manufacturers and car clubs, who often publish lists of interchangeable parts or auto spacerspacerrepair manuals held by your local library.

30 day exchanges only for in store credit.  Refunds are not provided. All whole vehicles are sold on an "as-is" basis, without warranties.

It is a condition of entry to all Pick-A-Part and AA Recycling premises that customers:

bpWear closed shoes or boots
bpLeave Kids, Cats, Dogs, etc. at home
bpComply with our No Alcohol policy